The StarFormat DataBase

The StarFormat database contains results of heavy numerical simulations computed in order to study the problem of star formation, essentially molecular cloud formation, evolution and collapse.

Understanding the dynamical evolution of the interstellar medium (ISM) and its relation to stellar birth is a key challenge in astronomy and astrophysics. The STAR FORMAT project aims at providing observers and theorists studying formation and evolution of molecular clouds, their morphological and kinematical characteristics, and the formation of stars in their interior with a set of theoretical tools and a database of models to aid in the analysis and interpretation of current and future observations.

The goal of this database is to give access to observers, or more generally to any scientist working on a related field, to the results of these numerical simulations, which could be useful to help prepare or analyze observations.

Available projects:

Project Description
Molecular cloud evolution with decaying turbulence

This project aims at describing the evolution of a turbulent molecular cloud in which the turbulence is decaying.

Barotropic dense core simulations

This project aims at describing the gravitational collapse of magnetized molecular dense cores.

Colliding flow simulations

This project aims at describing self-consistently the formation of molecular clouds starting from the very diffuse atomic interstellar medium.

Solenoidal vs. Compressive Turbulence Forcing

This project investigates the influence of different forcing (i.e., kinetic energy injection) on turbulent flows in the interstellar medium.

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